Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summerfest (RIFT) maps

Made this little guide cause.. I could not find it anywhere else.
Links going to Rift Zam (I have posted those pics in there too, under Media Tab for every quest).

Scavenger Hunts - Part I

Freemarch Challenge: Pucker Up

Silverwood Challenge: Hylas Needs a Hug

Stonefield Challenge: Troll Treasure

Scarlet Gorge Challenge: Human Barrel Ride

Droughtlands Challenge: Creepy Crawlies

Iron Pine Peak Challenge: The Missing Mountaineer

Shimmersand Challenge: Deliver Ice Cream in Shimmersand (timed)

Scarwood Reach Challenge: Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach
(I cant give you exact coordinates here, but check - Auld Warden, Carwin Pass, Loggers Run, Keenblade Mill, Scarwood Pass, Spice Road, Timar Foothills - those seems to be most popular)

There is no maps for Moonshade Highlands Challenge and Stillmoor Challenge cause first one will be next to quest giver and other ones goals will be marked in map :)